Labor 101 - Normal Birth

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Labor 101 - Normal Birth

I have given birth to two of my babies normally. I was one of the fortunate ones to have a normal delivery and I feel lucky for that. I want to share the secrets to happy and easy delivery as I learnt it through my own experience. 


I have to admit it, I was very scared in the beginning, especially with my first. I could not understand all the buzz around the breathing technique. I watched many birthing videos, attended classes but nonetheless, did not grasp the importance  of it well, so I skipped working on it completely. After all, we all breath to live, right? I was going to breath just like I breath to live...Boy! was I wrong with that underestimation...


Since I did not learn the technique, I did not know how to manage the pain with contractions. One unfortunate thing with the first birth is that you have no idea what you are going through. I tried to envision contractions and the severity of pain to get ready for the big day but nothing would prepare you for the magnitude or the dimension of the pain. Yes the PAIN, I will not sugar coat it for you, pain like you never have imagined!!! But it is there for a purpose and you  understand, respect it and work with it as you get to know it better. It will lead you to the most wonderful thing in life: Your baby! Another thing about it is that it goes away without leaving a trace. You'll forget about it in no time. That's why we have the second, third, fourth..., right?


For me, the full understanding and appreciation of pain happened with the second birth. I was determined to have a successful delivery with my second so I watched many birthing videos, not only in English but in my mother tong as well. This time I felt more secure about learning the technique: You need to breath in through your stomach, not chest if you want an efficient pushing. How do you know you breath in your stomach? Your belly button is the guide. When you put your hands around your belly if the distance between your index fingers enlarges with each inhale, you are on the money!


At the pushing stage of labor, as the contractions come in,  you need push through the entire exhale. Your baby and you will be working like a team. S/he will guide you through the hint of contractions ( you should only push while contracting to have the most efficient result) as you will push her as hard as you can to get her ready for her first debut.


The process of birthing is like surfing. Think of contractions like waves. They are big, unbearable at times but have a life span; just like contractions, they come and go. As the waves come towards you, you ride with them, rather than fight or escape them. You embrace the waves, appreciate and accept their power and let them guide you through your journey on the ocean. Giving birth is a very similar process. You need to appreciate the pain with each contraction, embrace and work with it and let it guide you to your baby. I would say birthing is more fun than surfing as the end result is priceless!


Please share your birthing experience with all of us. Did you deliver normally, naturally or via C-section? Let us know what worked the most for you during delivery. And give a piece of advise to all curious expectant mothers out there.


Please feel free to share this article. Sharing is motherly!


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