Breast Feeding and Diet

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It,depends, if your breast fdieeng then you should'nt really be thinking about dieting yet and instead watch what you eat and maintain a diet high in calcium.Otherwise take it slow and don't go after those fad diets because any weight you loose I gaurantee you'll put back on just as quickly. remember you'll only loose weight if you burn more energy then you take in. Eat three meals a day that are rich in nutrients and low in fat. And if you want an exercise reigieme that means you can still spend time with the kids then why not get them involved too? obviously it depends on their ages but you could all go swimming together as a family or something. alternitively take half an hour each day to take a brisk walk around your naighbourhood

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I would not recommend dieting while breastfeeding, simply because it will affect the quality and quantity of your milk. Your baby' s only food supply is your milk during the first 6 months of life and even till 1 year, this is what the baby mostly gets his/her nutrients from. As for loosing weight, you put weight gradually during pregnancy for 9 months, so you will loose gradually for 9 months to a year after delivering the baby, especially while breastfeeding-no doubt. I suggest not to rush to loose all of it suddenly as I said it will definitely negatively affect the milk supply and quality, which your baby needs. Hope this helps. Another thing, the best exercise is to walk with the baby but remember to remain hydrated at all times. Good luck.

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