What do you think about Working Moms?

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What do you think about Working Moms?

I recently read some blog and with stay at home moms coplletemy bashing working moms and it really fired me up. They pretty much were saying that if you are a working mom you are neglecting your children and are greedy and materialistic for working. I simply think that it is a personal preference. I went to school for 10 years to pursue a career, I also wanted a family and knew in advance that my children would have to be in some sort of childcare. My children are the light of my life, but my job also enriches my life. It is my outlet and I could never imagine not working. I imagined if I were a stay at home mom, it would probably negatively effect not only my marriage but also my child's development by them not having constant involvement with other children and situations other than what goes on at home. What's your opinion? If you don't agree- why is there such opinion that MOM should stay home opposed to DAD? Tiger Lily- I too have my dream job and I think its quite impressive that both me and my husband can work, take care of our kids, spend plenty of time with them and have the money saved for them to go to whatever colleges they choose to go to in the future! We can give them a better future and better financial stability then we had. Why would I sacrifice that?

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I personally understand working mothers as my mom was a working mother. I decided to go back to work after having my two babies and it was completely my choice. I thought I would give them a better life and set a good example to them as a working mother. But I also know that staying home motherhood is a hard  job. If you believe you are doing the right thing for your kids in whatever the choice you make, then probably you are right. So, for my journey as a mother, I am hoping that my choice in the end would end up being the best one for my family.

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