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Ceramic Utility Blades Lightweight, stainless, wear resistant, no oil coating.
It's innovative Ceramic Utility Blades, finger-friendly edge, lower cost-reduce the number of blade replacement, uses safety-reduces injuries and never rust.
Model item: JCCMM
Ceramic Utility Blades Safer than traditional metal blades.
1. Product Introduction of the Ceramic Utility Blades
Non-metal, non-sparking ceramic breakaway knife with 18mm and 9mm.
Longer lasting to cut through the more difficult surfaces with ease
Without oil coating like traditional metal blades.
Each 10 blades pack with re-usable plastic case or other packing.
2. Product Parameter of the Ceramic Utility Blades
Product Model: JCCMM
Product size:
Product weight:
Carton size:
Carton weight:Replacement Blades suppliers


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