sythetic filter mat in stock

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Synthetic polyester filter rolls and ceiling filter mat
Airknow TM synthetic polyester filter rolls and ceiling filter mat are made of high performance nonwovens and G3 synthetic filer media produced in house from polyester fibers with thermal bonding. These roll filer material are progressive in structure and resulted in longer useful filter lifetime. Ceiling filter mat or Spray booth filter roll are made of break-resistant synthetic-organic fibers, thermally bonded and completely impregnated with adhesive; specially smoothed and reinforced with a synthetic scrim on the clean air side.
AST offers an extensive rang of synthetic filter media,fiber glass-free filter media, efficiency range from G2,G3,G4 and F5 as per EN779:2002. The construction of the filter medium is progressive and the filters are available in Rolls or in pads.sythetic filter mat in stock


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