Customized Modernization For Elevator And Escalator

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Isuzu escalator upgrade by component
Isuzu offers upgrades of escalator in all areas: safety, performance, design, function, energy and appearance to make the escalators ride smoother, safer and more reliably.
Enhancing escalator safety and performance
- Comply with current safety code and regulations
- Make structural and mechanical upgrades to extend escalator life and improve ride quality.
- Achieve full system reconditioning within existing escalator footprint
- Improve handrail speed synchronization
Stylish Aesthetics with harmony
From the structural elements to the materials, finishes and colors, upgrading offers a wide range of options to ensure the aesthetic harmonization of the escalators with environment.
Enhanced energy efficiency
Isuzu VVVF controller system could generate energy saving of up to 25%.Customized Modernization For Elevator And Escalator


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